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Changing & Adding Server IP Addresses
Linux distributions including CentOS allow you to use IP address aliasing. IP address aliasing is the method used to bind multiple IP addresses onto one network interface. Here we will cover how to add additional IP addresses or change your current IP addresses.

Create a Super User & Disable SSH root login
I have come across an alarming amount of users who still have root login enabled on their server. This is possibly one of the biggest security holes your server can have. When you login and root the username root is always the same for every server, all a hacker has to do is guess your password. A brute force attack will keep guessing your password over and over again until it gains access.

Changing Your SSH Port
While there are many ways to make sure your server is as secure as possible there are some basic steps and measures that you can take to cover your bases. Changing your SSH port is just one of them, this is call security through obscurity.